Hello, Health.

Join us each month for Lobby Talks and see why wellness begins here.

Clark Memorial Hospital will be hosting monthly "Lobby Talks". These are free educational sessions held the fourth Monday of each month covering a variety of topics. Attendees who stop by anytime between 1 and 3 p.m. will have an opportunity to ask questions and meet with experts on a specific subject. Below you will find the monthly discussion topics for 2017.

January 23

Topic: Nutrition and Healthy Eating for the New Year

Say hello to will power in 2017! Dr. Chih Chang from Endocrinology Center of Southern Indiana will offer information and answer questions regarding how eating better can improve symptoms of many diseases like diabetes. Learn how to set your new year's resolution into action by taking the necessary steps to eat better.

February 27

Topic: A Healthy Heart 

Hello Love! This month, show yourself some love and have a heart-to-heart with Clark Memorial physicians about all the ways you can keep your heart healthy.

March 27

Topic: Colon Cancer Awareness

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death among men and women in the US, but many colon cancers can be prevented with regular testing. March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month -- no better time to learn the facts about colon cancer and get tested. It could save your life.

April 24

Topic: PCP: Why it's important to have a primary care provider.

Preventive care is the goal of a primary care provider (PCP). A regular visit to a PCP is beneficial for your overall health and well being. A PCP can recommend screenings that will keep your health in check, can help manage chronic conditions and can track your health over time.

May 22

Topic: Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program

The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program (ERAS) is an innovative way to care for you before, during and after surgery. The program involves hydration before surgery, introducing fluids and food soon after surgery, getting out of bed faster after surgery and treating pain with fewer narcotics. ERAS helps the patient take control of their health care and recovery.

June 26

Topic:  Behavioral Health Services-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month

For some a traumatic event stays with them and becomes disruptive to their life. You may know someone who is suffering from PTSD or you may be suffering from this debilitating disorder. Join in on a discussion of PTSD and effective treatments available.

July 24

Topic: Back to School Immunization

Find out how immunizations can help protect your child and your entire family from serious and possibly deadly illnesses. Get the facts and answers to your questions at this open discussion about immunizations.

August 28

Topic: The Essentials of Sleep

The inability to get a good night's sleep is often overlooked or attributed to stress, anxiety or other health conditions. But restful sleep is an essential part of good health, and sleep problems can have a serious impact on your quality of life. Hear how the lack of sleep can be impacting your life and how Clark Memorial's Sleep Center can help you find a solution to better sleep.

September 25

Topic: Diabetes: Take Control

Learn the latest in diabetes prevention and management of the disease.

October 23

Topic: Breast Health Awareness

Early detection of breast cancer with a mammogram has saved many women's lives .  Empower yourself with breast cancer and health education and awareness. Know the facts about breast cancer; it may save your life.

November 27

Topic: Lung Screening Program

Lung cancer is not only treatable, but potentially curable when diagnosed in its early stages. Learn if you are at risk of developing lung cancer or other lung diseases at this open discussion about Clark's Lung Screening Program.